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#TBT @senor_mijo meets his niece, Jayden Urrea for the very first time. This video along with so many others will remain to be our most cherished moments with our fallen brother, Art Arzola.. Family will always be here for one another.. that’s what are.. #FAMILIA @fonnssyy @ttbo_allday09 @jocie_lynn @swoopsdizzle @killacam1217 @bertob123 @mindygomez @mars_bars @yoursalone8 @juicejuicejen @tangothebeat @susieq_u

Need this weekend for Coachella??? #Uber Independent Taxi service will be offering there services to the #CoachellaValley beginning tomorrow, until Monday.. Sign up and enter this code to get your first ride up to $20 for FREE!!! Now that’s a deal!! #HappyCoachella everyone! 😉😎👍🌞🌴🌴🎡🎶🎵🎤🎸🌴🌴🚕💨

Crazy that it’s already been a whole year already since my grandpa Emilio passed away.. Thank God that my family is strong, and very united, and we are here with high spirits spending time with my tato.. Miss him so much.. but like those we have loved and lost, we know they look down on us from Heaven each and every day, as their love remains forever with us in our hearts.. #03192013 #LoveYouGrandpa #MissYouSoMuch

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